13 Awesome Black Brick Fireplace Design Ideas

In countries with cold seasons, finding a fireplace in the house is a common thing. In fact, it a must. Well, of course, there is a heater too, the electricity of heat. The fireplace also a presentation of old-time, memories, the sentiment of a place where we found warmth and love. It is not only about functions; it is about making memories. An exposed black brick fireplace, though flexibly for any decor theme, it highlights the contemporary nuance, sleek yet elegant.

List of 13 Awesome Black Brick Fireplace Design Ideas

A fireplace can be a stage to present artwork. Have you ever thought about it? In our modern time, it is no longer installed just for us to make fire and warming the room during winter. It’s a part of house décor too. Its function has been synchronized with its value within house décor. Fireplace often being the epicenter of gathering, relaxing, share stories. The way you dispose of the fireplace will influence the mood of the living room and the charm.

However, as it easily gets dirt when running its function, dark color is commonly applied. Black for brick fireplace is gaining fans. They stylishly, in a simple way sometimes, advance the dark color into the room charisma. This time let us focus on the black brick fireplace, shall we? Already curious on how to add the value of the fireplace? Let’s scroll down.

1. Art Living Elements Party Painted Black Brick Fireplaces

art living elements party painted black brick fireplaces

What more tempting to have interfered than a black brick fireplace? Black domination will boost any colors that contrasted before it. So why not, exhibit your favorite art elements, like painting, on your black brick fireplaces. Placing art installation or sculpture around it is definitely will be eye-catching and enliven your room. With minimalist-industrial lighting to spot the light, it must feel like personal art living gallery, no?

2. Black Brick Fireplace Ideas In The Contemporary Living Room

black brick fireplace ideas in the contemporary living room

A black brick fireplace is a daring and fascinating installation for the white theme of the living room. The industrial furniture style will be nicely complimented for the contemporary living room. The open vaulted ceiling and open bar as part of the living room will make the living room feel airy yet spacious. Placing a marble table with puff sofas and pillows and dried stems in the pot as decor, what more can be a fabulous contemporary living room to have.

3. Black Brick Fireplace Combining With White Furniture

black brick fireplace combining with white furniture

Placing white furniture around the black brick fireplace is the stunning combination for you who seek elegance and simple room décor. A single sofa covered white leather cover near the black brick or a vintage style or white marble desk with a copper lamp on top is best of simplicity.

4. Black Brick Fireplace With Puff Carpet

black brick fireplace with puff carpet

In winter, particularly, home is the one we seek for comfort and warmth. Just laid on the velvet sofa, and enjoy the heat from the black brick fireplace is perfect to warm your body and soul. Unfurl a puff carpet before the black brick fireplace, then you have a warm, homey room to get laid and face winter. The fluffy sensation of the puff carpet simply softens the bold perception of the black brick fireplace.

5. Black Brick Fireplace With White Tile And Wooden Like Floor

black brick fireplace with white tile and wooden like floor

As the discarded of a used fireplace, ash is the common problem that faces by the homeowner. Though the fireplace had been carefully installed, the residue requires thorough handling if you don’t want it to fly all over. Laid on the white tile in front of the fireplace is a simple way to ease the cleaning. Yet, the contrast of black and white also performs as a safety line for children not to close the fireplace. The white tile also reflects light, either sunbeam from the window or lamp, over the fireplace, so yes, it brightens the dark black brick naturally.

6. Rustic Black Brick Fireplaces Ideas

rustic black brick fireplaces ideas

Are you considering changing the nuance of your exposed brick fireplace? Exposed brick is part of vintage style. It is always calming. But if you considering renewing this old-time style into an updated one, you may simply paint it in black. It is not only easy way and affordable, you can do it yourself. With some tips and tricks, your DIY repainting fireplace projects will look nice. Black paint on the fireplace also briefly and assertively altering the vintage nuance into modern style.

7. Black Brick Fireplace Inside Contemporary Spacious Living Room

black brick fireplace inside contemporary spacious living room

If a vintage fireplace identical to the exposed natural color of white brick, or whitewashed brick, the contemporary decor goes with a bold neutral one. Instead of making the room gloomy, the black brick fireplace can improve the room's spaciousness with a vaulted ceiling. It also awesomely blended in an open-space concept with wide windows and an open kitchen. With arty installation, and industrial lighting or furniture, the black brick elevates the masculine and charming contemporary style.

8. Cozy Living Room With Black Brick Fireplace Design Ideas

cozy living room with black brick fireplace design ideas

It is not hard to have a cozy living room while you have a black brick fireplace. even sometimes black seems stressful color yet gloomy, with a combination of natural colors such as the light brown color of wood flooring can eliminate its undesired side. With a rattan lazy chair, and vintage rug right before the fireplace, you can feel the light and warm nuance. We don’t suggest you paint the wall with too many colors. Brush it with white instead, to brighten the room and focus on the decorations and furniture. With rattan or simple wooden chair and puff carpet, you can show off your cozy living room.

9. Black Brick Fireplace With Dark Grey Wall

black brick fireplace with dark grey wall

Another trick to turn a black brick fireplace into a mini gallery is by installing a mantel shelf to put art installation or series of porcelains or wood arts on the top. Accentuate them through extra hidden ceiling lamps, you can directly focus the light on the art or through the light reflect off a black brick wall. it would be better if you don’t put too much stuff on the mantelshelf, just focus on the material you want to show off. Remember it is meant to be a mini art display. Paint the mantel shelf with a neutral color. With a black brick fireplace as a background and a neutral mantel shelf, your art collection is the room spirit.

10. Modern Black Brick Fireplace As A Main Vocal Point

modern black brick fireplace as a main vocal point

It is stunning. Designing the modern black brick fireplace as the center of the living room, surely take a bunch of self-confidence. The industrial stainless steel curved standing lamp and table are the perfect companion for exploring the modern black brick. Or else, natural wood chairs or modern single-leg chairs are eloquent complementary of modern décor. Push out the black brick with a bright monochrome wall and wood floor.

11. Combination Of Black Brick Fireplace Design Ideas And Vintage Red Brick

combination of black brick fireplace design ideas and vintage red brick

Repainting the interior is mostly a brief way to alter the nuance and room scene. For some elements, repainting is needed meticulous work. Repainting exposed natural brick fireplace within crush black is one of them. Notice the brick and the mortar? Yes, it’s a work with a bunch of dedication if you work it by yourself. But not impossible DIY. The mortar required painstaking as you cannot just brush it all the way in a single shot as the flat wall. You need to brush it line to line, corner to corner. You will get all black. The black brick fireplace is worth the effort.

12. Stylish Small Black Brick Fireplace Design And Glossy Wooden Floor

stylish small black brick fireplace design and glossy wooden floor

Instead of just horizontally arranging the brick why not go with a different pattern. Combining it with vertical positions, for instance. See, you can be playful with the arrangement though strength and function still the base consideration. Combination enriches the room texture, instead of just put it in horizontal lines. It may not give you a particular feeling of space, but it is stylish. mantel shelf is another way to enhance the stylish black brick fireplace. White mantel shelf or wood natural color bring up nature scene and simplicity. Too much clutter on the mantel shelf can ruin the charm of a black brick fireplace. So decided at the very beginning about what is the focus of the room. An arty pillar for sustaining and decoration the mantel shelf is will be adding value to your black brick fireplace.

13. White Painted Living Room With Black Brick Fireplace Design Ideas

white painted living room with black brick fireplace design ideas

The duet of black and white is never-ending challenging and attractive. This yin-yang balance color simple yet gorgeous. A black brick fireplace surrounded by a white living room is a glaring spot. The contrast fireplace acts as a sign of "warm your life here". The spaciousness of the white living room reducing the gloomy side of black. The two-tone of white and black can took white framed windows and a black door. Some grey chairs or sofa with white or grey tables will be simple and affirm the color duet. For more elegant nuance you may prefer a golden or silver hanging lamp, in vast size if your living room ceiling is high or vaunted. Introducing red-color décor or an abstract rug will be a chic preference. Hey, what about macramé in pastel monochrome with dried wood as a section for wall accent? A glimpse of boho style will be sweat and make the room friendlier.

As we see, black as one of neutral strong color is a charming way to highlight any other color that you want to present. Black brick material is a stunning decor almost for all house theme arrangement, bold in contemporary and industrial to boho style. Is it flexible, no? Though it seems stressful, it also colors of bravery and exclusiveness, and elegance that elevates your home atmosphere and character. Yet no matter it becomes trending, it appears as particular for every of each design. Have your confidence and inspiration to create yours.

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