20+ Concrete Fireplace Surround Decorating Ideas

The concrete mix fireplace is a fireplace that has been made from concrete. For our place, this material is suitable, because it is strong and durable. It is not only strong, but also it gives aesthetic appeal in our place, and naturally. You could add several materials, such as natural stone, granite, sandstone, or granite, in addition to the fireplace. A better view around your fireplace will be created by this implementation.

List of 20+ Concrete Fireplace Surround Decorating Ideas

You must first consider an appropriate and strategic location in the process of constructing a concrete fireplace. It could be adapted to the specifications of your house. It will show a beautiful view and the maximum in your room with the selection of the right position. Places suitable for installing the fireplace such as chateau concrete mantels surrounding the fireplace, concrete fireplace makeover desired surrounding bliss, and many spaces that you can choose to add a fireplace.

1. Concrete Fireplace Surrounds With Modern And Luxury Living Room

concrete fireplace surrounds with modern and luxury living room

Having a house with a magnificent and modern feel has more than enough space in your home that can be filled with unique interiors. One of them would be an add a concrete fireplace to a living room so that it gives your home a luxurious and beautiful appearance like a palace. Furthermore, the combination of styles and patterns designed for your room will contribute to the impression of aesthetics and warmth. Besides, other decorations such as round glass, flower vases, or other decorations that can complement the atmosphere in your room can also be applied to the fireplace.

2. Concrete Fireplace Makeover Cherished Bliss Surround

concrete fireplace makeover cherished bliss surround

For us, harmony in the family is very important, many room choices make moments more meaningful with family. Our loved ones need a comfortable room and a relaxing atmosphere to share a laugh in addition to making the moment memorable. You can restore our family room in this room by adding a concrete fireplace to add a sense of warmth to every moment in the room. Besides, other decorations can also be placed around it, such as plants on vases and Gray cabinets wall hangings beside the fireplace.

3. Concrete Fireplace Surround With Tv Above

concrete fireplace surround with tv above

To create your comfortable room, choosing a concrete fireplace will give you a beautiful and natural impression. This installation can be done on television, so you and your loved ones can experience a natural feeling when you enjoy your entertainment on television while relaxing without having to move your body outside the room.

4. Concrete Fireplace Surrounds

concrete fireplace surrounds

The installation of a concrete fireplace in one of the parts of the house, to enhance your mood and positive energy while exhausted after a long day of work. The purpose of this facility is to relax your body in order to enjoy the natural feeling of your home. It is because human mind basically wants to rest, too. Perhaps it will add to your positive energy to get motivated again in this way.

5. Cast Stone Concrete Fireplace Surrounds Ideas

cast stone concrete fireplace surrounds ideas

If the cold weather starts to arrive, a concrete fireplace is required to warm your house. What you need, on the other hand, is very tight. Well, the installation of cast stone to balance the warmth of your room is ideal for that. You also don't need to bother installing this from scratch, in addition to a decent interface and a selection of motifs. This is because the mold is made of this form, so it is ready to use.

6. Polished Luxury Feels Concrete Fireplace Surround

polished luxury feels concrete fireplace surround

Aesthetic information is obtained in the house by minimalist design and it is more useful to use each corner of the room. It's great to choose a custom in the corner of your mini room for a concrete fireplace if it doesn't take up much room and space. This type of fireplace looks simple and minimalist when installed in your house.

7. Elegance Concrete Fireplace Surrounds

elegance concrete fireplace surrounds

Creating every corner of the house that is elegant and elegant requires a maximum plan before building your home. This can be improved by applying to the corner of your home an elegant concrete fireplace that adds magnificent value. This installation is accomplished by directly attaching it to your house's wall. So, before deciding to install it, you need to prepare carefully.

8. Fireplace Surround With Pre Cast Concrete Material

fireplace surround with pre cast concrete material

The layers of mantras on this fireplace give a wonderful impression, with both the texture of the curves in each layer. It is also important to use the top hook as protection so that the fire does not spread out. This style is very classic, so for those of you who really like houses with such interiors, it is really appropriate.

9. White Raw Painted Concrete Fireplace Surrounds

white raw painted concrete fireplace surrounds

The dining nuances and harmony in your corner encourage this kind of concrete fireplace to look very beautifully regulated. This corner of the room is great for your partner to relax, so it provides a romantic impression. Through the warmth of the concrete fireplace, these nuances can translate to the content of your heart to tell you about things you have experienced before.

10. Grey Concrete Fireplace Wtih Stone Decor

grey concrete fireplace wtih stone decor

This style of fireplace stone decor has a rather natural nuance and luxury. The right, left and higher sides give your space a glamorous impression and add lighting. This is quite a distance from this concrete fireplace for the placement in chairs now. It is because the size of the fire is large, so if we avoided a little part of it, it would be better. You can sit down together in font of the concrete fireplace to enjoy of the light of fire and land which harmonies.

11. Formed Concrete Fireplace Surround

formed concrete fireplace surround

Two hands on the right and left with a curved curve in the concrete fireplace were decorated with this concept. This shape is very simple but gives an impression to charm. This is because it is centred in the middle of the room. The function of this fireplace is to provide warmth is not only at one point but also to surround the room around you. When crossing this area you will smell and feel comfortable.

12. Large Concrete Fireplace Surround

large concrete fireplace surround

This type of fireplace is very large and large, so it is reasonable to accept a better fireplace capacity. For winter use with a large family capacity, this is very suitable. The position of this fireplace is very strategically placed next to a landscape-shaped staircase so that fires could be held in a concrete fireplace.

13. Mantel Concrete Fireplace Designs Surround

mantel concrete fireplace designs surround

A square form drooping forwards has this kind of fireplace. Furthermore, with other colours, as a differentiation between the walls and the concrete fireplace, you can also add a different colour to the mantle shape.

14. Modern Fireplace Surround Concrete

modern fireplace surround concrete

This modern concrete fireplace is a design which combines the modern feel of the surrounding furniture, but also gives the furniture a natural impression. Generally, the design of this fireplace is related back to the wall with a small scale, so it sometimes doesn't look like a fireplace. This type is also suitable to be placed in your dining room or gathering with family. With this addition to the space it will create a feeling of warmth that envelops the family.

15. Plank Wall Concrete Fireplace Mantel Surround

plank wall concrete fireplace mantel surround

The design of this fireplace is very unusual, resembling a cave in a house containing materials used to warm the body and the room. With this plank wall shape, it promotes the complete fireplace process while having to worry about smoke and fire coming out of the fireplace area.

16. Polished Concrete Fireplace Surround

polished concrete fireplace surround

The additional polish around the concrete fireplace is generated by this type of fireplace. This type of fireplace is very commonly used to provide warmth at home.

17. Polished Concrete Overlay Fireplace Surround

polished concrete overlay fireplace surround

This fireplace style encompasses a stone finish, giving it a polished art around the fireplace. You could take advantage of the walls during construction so that the concrete [lace] fire does not take up much space in your room.

18. Shiplap Fireplace Concrete Surround

shiplap fireplace concrete surround

The style of fireplace is equipped with a shiplap sheet that is used to cover the outside and around the fireplace and provide a fantastic vibe for the fireplace. The feel of the place looked classic with strips positioned on the fireplace wall and warms your family.

19. Specialty Features Change Appearance Fireplace Surrounds Concrete Surround

specialty features change appearance fireplace surrounds concrete surround

A twinkle texture or 2-dimensional art which changes the appearance on front and around the fireplace, which provides a special impression around the fireplace, surrounds this concrete fireplace. Because of its structure and composition, it looks like a television arrangement in this section. Including watching TV as your family gathers in front of the fireplace,

20. White Concrete Fireplace Designs With Wooden Floor

white concrete fireplace designs  with wooden floor

The white-coated combination of a concrete fireplace gives the space a clean impression. In addition, it adds wood floors under the fireplace to give it a natural impression. This combination makes your room a place that looks natural and clean.

21. White Wall Concrete Fireplace Mantel Surround

white wall concrete fireplace mantel surround

Giving a splash of white to a corner of your space is something which gives an elegant effect to your home. It can be applied to the top of a concrete fireplace and around several white walls. You should add a touch of Gray to the fireplace itself, so that the colour matches and matches the colour of the white walls.

22. Wooden Fireplace Surround Concrete

wooden fireplace surround concrete

Build a combination of warmth and nature in the corner of your room for a concrete fireplace by layering wood around the fireplace. The exterior is built like a frame surrounding the fireplace.

Based on the location of the ideal setting, it can make installing a concrete fireplace in your room easier. You should choose everything that you need to combine with the concrete fireplace in your room. This is because the facilities play a significant role in providing hot temperatures and an interesting opportunity to talk to your family.

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