18 Elegant Floor Lamps Design That Will Enhance Your Interior Coziness
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18 Elegant Floor Lamps Design That Will Enhance Your Interior Coziness

.Today, it is common we found function and design are gorgeously blended. The lamp, as one of the most vital of a house part, has undergone a lot of transformation. Today we can found a wide variety of elegant floor lamp, that it is hard to make decision which one is the suitable.

List of 18 Elegant Floor Lamps Design That Will Enhance Your Interior Coziness

The floor lamp is no longer see merely for its function to brighten space. an elegant floor lamp is part of your interior style décor. So yes, you must start with make up your mind on how you would like your space in style. What element you want to highlights? Is there any specific function it must accomplished? Or where you want to place the floor lamp? The floor lamps in minimalist style is commonly flexibly blended into almost any interior decor. But some style is enchantingly designed to challenge your strength of character by being elegantly hardcore and vulgar.

Already curious to see which one is fit with yours?

1. Glamorous Floor Lamps Elegant

Glamorous Floor Lamps Elegant


Brightly designed to boast the glamorous of your home, this total white, from base to lampshade, floor lamp is entirely a game-changer. The lampshade constructed by assembled white circles in various dimensions. The base also took, wider, circle shape to sustain its funnel-look stand. Its massive size cruelly towering above other furniture. Come with a single coach in a similar tone and shape, it is intended to hypnotize everyone who sees it.

2. Exotic Floor Lamps Elegant Living Room

Exotic Floor Lamps Elegant Living Room


Artily designed to color the room with exotic sense, this lamp has two-tone of neutral shades that flexibly blended into any interior theme. The stand has painted in all black with circle bases and a vase-shaped ornament right before the lampshade. The natural-brown fabric lampshade highlight the gallant of the black stand. Completed with a table lamp in a similar style, your floor lamp will bribe the perception with an exotic aura.

3. Elegant Wooden Floor Lamps With Beige Fabric Shade

Elegant Wooden Floor Lamps With Beige Fabric Shade


For minimalist and nature lovers, a floor lamp that combined a beige fabric shade that sustained with an assembled wood panel is one of the must-have furniture. The texture of the beige fabric elegantly harmonized the wood texture and color. Its simple style yet enliven your sanctuary.

4. Gothic Floor Lamps Lighting Elegant

Gothic Floor Lamps Lighting Elegant


A shabby elegant gothic not always about an antique design with a faded metal. A light source that cage in vase-shaped of a twisted helical array of thin silver metal that sustained with a black frame inside is the contemporary elegant gothic. Embellished with pine flower-shaped helical thin silver metal with small lamp décor and black metal flower, this gothic floor lamp will bribe your sense with its dark-beauty.

5. Living Room Floor Lamps Elegant

Living Room Floor Lamps Elegant


The four metal panels furnished in corroded shade constructed as floor lamp stand is shabbily unique. As the base is a black crossed-wooden which each tip side sustains one metal panel and the top is exceptionally crafted to hold the combination of cement and wood cubicle that hold the lamp holder. For the final elegant touch is a pyramid lampshade from brown fabric.

6. Urban Polished Nickel Elegant Floor Light Lamps

Urban Polished Nickel Elegant Floor Light Lamps


A floor lamp with a glass lampshade is eternally enchanted. The lampstand material is polished nickel, it asserts the steel gleam. With a small panel of glasses lopping around black-polished nickel frames and arranged in three tiers, it features an impressive optical prism. The blending of dark metal rod frames with the glowing glass-panel lampshade is a kind of combination of industrial and traditional.

7. Stylish Floor Lamps For Living Room

Stylish Floor Lamps For Living Room


Perhaps most of us imagine that brings in a massive floor lamp will wasting space, and overwhelming. But this stylish white oversized floor lamp will take your breath. Its massive white shining with slender in the middle is strikingly the hottest central point. Instead of swallowing your room, it can expand the sense of limited space. Combined with a shiny metal-color of a lampshade that reflects a bit of surrounding, this one is unquestionably a stylish modern look.

8. Luxury Floor Lamps Living Room

Luxury Floor Lamps Living Room


A vintage lampshade not always has to be combined with a vintage stand too. The minimalism of polished nickel or stainless as the floor lamp stand will flawlessly highlight the vintage style of its lampshade. Boasting the luxury of crystal bead looping along with the arched lamp holder, the semi-transparent glass of the lampshade radiates a breathtaking light over the room. The pattern of the cylindrical glass lampshade embroidered the light that also reflected by the crystal string above. This combination of shining nickel, patterned-glass, and crystal is wrapping up the luxury of a vintage crystal floor lamp.

9. Elegant Wooden Brown Floor Lamp

Elegant Wooden Brown Floor Lamp


Nature element is always about simplicity and humble vista. A lampshade with light brown fabric in a pyramid shape is delightful for add a warm sense from the corner of your room. Blowing up the elegance of nature, the natural color of the wooden panel in square shape is fitting as the lamp floor stand.

10. Elegant Weightlifting Floorlamps

Elegant Weightlifting Floorlamps


Looking for a matchless floor lamp style? Why not you eyeing the weightlifting floor lamp. As it is called weightlifting style, it has a black-metal circle shape base to provide a strong foundation and a black drum lampshade. Its stand is constructed by several-metal rods with small black designed as ‘tie’. Do you see the weightlifting prototype now? The golden roods and black colors at the base and lampshade induced the elegance and bold look into your room.

11. Elegant Design Mother Daughter 2 Light

Elegant Design Mother Daughter 2 Light


A floor lamp with two lights in different directions in a single stand is obviously unique and fashionable. Mother-daughter 2 light is designed for providing two functions in single floor lamps which are reading lamps and room illumination. The standing frame of this mother-daughter is black-polished iron or stainless that makes it look sleek. With a glass lampshade in a similar tone and color, the contrast of shade and stand presents it's elegant yet simple. The torchiere shade craftily generates a spacious sense as it permeating the ceiling.

12. Elegant Beaded Fabric Floor Lamps Bedroom

Elegant Beaded Fabric Floor Lamps Bedroom


Is there any more elegant vintage furniture than a floor lamp with silk/shantung lampshade with bead? Yes, a floor lamp with silk/shantung lampshade and fabric beaded looping will drag our sense to the past. Its white stand with an arty circle at the bottom and vase-look at the top is gorgeous and elegant. Do you notice the flower paint? It gives a lovely soft touch that breaks the white shade stand and charmingly matches with the looping bead, isn’t it? These beaded fabric floor lamps can add nuance to your living room or bedroom.

13. Contemporary Acrhing Floor Lamp Elegant

Contemporary Acrhing Floor Lamp Elegant


The high arching floor lamp style can create a spacious sense within the room. For contemporary décor, combining the arching floor lamp with a wooden chair in a similar curve style is the worthiest arrangement. Curved furniture presenting flexibility and elegant touch. The white drum lampshade above the natural-cream wooden chair your room feels cozier with the texture of the silk drum lampshade enhancing the natural texture of the wooden chair. If an extra lamp is needed, it would be sounder if you add a table lamp with the same style as the arching floor lamp.

14. Elegant Floor Lamps

Elegant Floor Lamps


Are you fond of the magic of black? Why not affirm it by bringing in a black, big, and shining floor lamp. What makes it magnificent is not only it’s all-black from the stand to the lampshade but particularly the massive size. Its black-round pillars and glistened stand with a sunken shape at the middle give a sense of sturdiness yet feminine. With a similar black glistened chair at its next, it is a dramatic and impressively vulgar furniture décor.

15. Elegant Floor Lamps With L Design

Elegant Floor Lamps With L Design


The sophisticated intelligent setting is penetrating almost all our daily sustaining tools, including lighting devices. The floor lamp with I design is commonly characterized by square and sharp angle stand and lampshade, the futuristic style. It also wrapped in minimalism, with black- or white-brushed iron or stainless it stands elegantly. For balancing its rigidity, a white drum lampshade is the perfect choice.

16. Elegant Round Lamps For Floor

Elegant Round Lamps For Floor


A drum lampshade is one of the most common we see for floor lamps. The round lampshade grants non-rigid mien to enjoyed. Warmheartedly embrace anyone in the room, the cream fabric shade is an excellent accord for the dark brown wood stand. With a simple round sustaining base and two-level blossom accent at the upper part it is a gratifying floor lamp that warms your room.

17. Elegant Long Floor Lamps

Elegant Long Floor Lamps


A tall, white, tube lampshade that radiates bright light is a fine style that can be easily adapted in direction and simply placed. It stands is shorter than the lampshade, with metal shade, it contained the modern and elegant style.

18. Black And White Style Elegant Floor Lamps

Black And White Style Elegant Floor Lamps


It is sleek and elegant. Black and white floor lamps are awesomely flexible for any interior design. They can easily blend within classic, boho, contemporary to industrial. With a long twisted iron stand the black and white style floor lamps looks sleek and slender. The circular lampshade and the yellow light elegantly radiating warmness within the room. Its simplicity doesn’t take extra space yet we can feel its radiate. For a minimalism lover, this style is picture-perfect.

We hope all those models give you a light of inspiration. Go with natural shades if you are not sure which one is the perfect match with your other furniture. With its warm and natural shade, this elegant floor lamp will never fail you.

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