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Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Nature is an absolute prolific producer of texture and color. Just only going to see the garden per se we already presented with abundant leaf color and texture and gravels. Now we only talk about one of the natural elements that you easily used to design your yard gorgeously, which is gravel. Gravel has been stated as one of the up-to-date landscaping materials. It has so abundant colors, sizes, and patterns. It will be an immediate scenic to set them within any garden or landscape, either public or private. It can even spruce up a landscape with only minor other elements to join up. Gravel landscape design is simple, colorful, texture-rich, and almost not needing particular handling.

List of Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Crafting the gravel landscape design is thrilling and invokes us to arrange them in so many ways. You can use them as garden boundaries, walkways, dry creek, pond sides, and anything else you have in mind. You can create a personal escape zone from the rambunctious outside world. Just imagine to laid on your chair with tea and cake while getting pleasure in your yard. As an eternal material and natural embellishment, you can enjoy it without worrying about what garden trend is circulating. It also ensures the weather change. During the wet season, you can simply set them right below the rain-outlet pipe or as a catch basin to reduce the coerce while creating a miniature river flow into the drain water system.
Gravel has several types, have you know that? It classified according to its material content. For outdoor hardscaping, we mostly use river stone, creek rock, and beach rock which has grey to yellow color, with a smooth surface. Red lava stone and crimson stone are other known gravel for the garden bed. Both expose the natural color of reddish to almost-orange. Well, those are only a few to name. Nature is shabbily groovy, isn’t it?
Fascinating right? Let’s see how the gravel can be arranged and how its magic lifts up the landscape.

1. Mulch Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Mulch Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


Mulch is an ideal choice to maintain your yard. It has multiple functions as fertilizer, keeping the topsoil, and deters weed. You provide a specific spot for keeping mulch or unified them within your landscape design. Combining the mulch with gravel is one of the crafty ways for easy maintenance. While the gravel arranged as a walkway it can also contain the mulch not to scatter all over the yard. Hold the gravel and mulch with cement block, or white brick. Your mulch gravel landscape is delightful.

2. Side Yard Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Side Yard Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


Overflowing a side yard with gravel and arty decoration means turns it into a modern landscape design. Invents massive black concrete circles as the pathway, and place the metal chairs in the middle, you have a sleek, elegant side yard as a personal oasis. For such a side yard gravel landscape, it will be just excellent if you add one kind of plant. Bamboo is the perfect green touch you need. Its minimalism and elegant shape inducing a serene nuance.

3. Front Yard Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Front Yard Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


Exposes the river stone or creek rock, at your front yard to have a neat and beautiful scene to welcoming anyone who came by. Strutted the gravel in a wave pattern to give off a spacious and more natural look. It can be laid out as a borderline between the grass and soil-plant. Its bright color enriching your front yard gravel design instead of focusing only on plant and soil color. You can put your beloved terracotta-potted plant on the gravel, as the gravel will be highlighting it as the focal point.

4. Walkway Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Walkway Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


Contouring gravel as your walkway garden definitely elevating your home scene landscape. Set them in wave-track that divide your yards. So you can walk following the gravel stream while grasped by the fresh green and beautiful scenery of your walkway gravel landscape. Place the flowering plant at the sides of the walkway gravel to provide nature embellish.

5. Grass Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Grass Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


Gravel is much-loved material of hardscaping that heavily accommodating any outdoor designs. Grass and gravel is a simple yet elegant landscape, particularly if you are fans of the minimalism of the garden. With medium cobble as the state line between the grass and the gravel, it also functioned to hold up the gravel. A grass gravel landscape overflows the spaciousness of your yard with nature scenery that relatively low maintenance, yet calming.

6. Decorative Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Decorative Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


Planning to construct a dry creek for your garden? Shaped them with different variety of colors, sizes, and textures of gravel. The combination of pea gravel and river stone along the dried bed provides a sense of a river current. Put some larger and mid-size stone to sustain the upper soils and enrich texture and shapes. Parade the black basalt gravel or pebble at one of the dry creeks to make it appealing. Concreate garden lamps at some corners are a charming touch for decorative gravel landscape design.

7. Pebble Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Pebble Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


A sea of pebble gravel in our yard is a neat yet elegant landscape. Their bright grey color stimulates a sense of spacious yard. Jointly with wide square concretes as a pathway, it makes your step floating. Locate the green lush along with the paver, and carefully-pruned plants in random location to revive the pebble gravel landscape.

8. Rock Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Rock Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


A well-planned rock gravel landscape will be a sophisticated landscape of its own. With larger rock at the edge and a blend of rocks with different sizes and contours and gravel at the middle, you already create a dry currently. Sets a rolled over a terracotta pot with gravel perfectly before it as if it disgorge the rock gravel.

9. Xeriscape Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Xeriscape Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


Going for xeriscape gravel landscaping doesn’t mean you lose the beauty of nature. This landscaping requires a well-planed plant selection as it must drought-tolerant. Cactus, palms, agave parryi, Aloe striatula are perfect plants for xeriscape. They can live well with the gravel surrounding them. PLace flat cobble as the walking path, with a few garden solar panels and some large stone as decoration, your entry walkway is stunning.

10. Path Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Path Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


Gravel also a great embellish for small landscapes. To brighten the walkways you can choose river rock and flagstone. Adding a small quantity of lava rock or marble chips can enliven your path gravel landscape. Or if you already have a concrete walkway, but seeking to make it prettier, outpouring the gravels around can be your way out. As the gravel make huge contrast against the wide concrete walk path.

11. Paver Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Paver Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


What so fun with just having pavers as an entrance path? To make livelier your paver, flood it with gravel. Gravel can also sustain the paver. The black pebble and river stone will be an elegant combination for your paver gravel landscape. The black pebble is bold contrast before the grey paver, for the size and the shape. Have some plants to beautify your walkway.

12. Lawn Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Lawn Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


The lawn is a good choice if you seek a diehard plant yet still gorgeous. For the sidewalk landscape, it is a perfect match for the gravel. You can arrange the gravel all the yard, and put the lawn amid the gravel. The lawn is a strongly adaptive plan so it will grip the gravel perfectly. To add texture and enriching the color, you can put some white cobble and grouping boulders. A drought-tolerance plant with flowers between the lawn is a lovely harmony. But remember, though the flowering plant is drought tolerance, it needs soil for its sustain.

13. Outdoor Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Outdoor Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


Gravel, as to whether resistance elements, with their various size and texture, definitely just right for any outdoor landscape. Have them in various shapes and types. Arrange the white cobblestone as the walkway, and exposed the remaining area with a combination of creek stone, red lava stone, and black pebble. Place some terracotta-potted plants, flowering or just green lust, as the green coloring while providing you fresh air. Your outdoor gravel landscape is an astonishing oasis to escape.

14. Driveway Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Driveway Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


A driveway with full gravel is a fascinating landscape that elevates your home environment. Gravel strengthens the wheel grip too. As the borderline and gravel bracket set concreate blocks along the edge, paint them in brighter color or white to highlight them. The dark jagged gravel brings the impression of fervent natural and cordial than asphalt, though each has pros and cons. Driveway gravel landscape usually constructed by the combination of gravel, Base gravel #3 for the base supporting, and black pebble or marble chip for the surface.

15. Drought Tolerant Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Drought Tolerant Gravel Landscape Design Ideas


Having in mind creating a drought-tolerant yard? The first thing you must carefully research before starting this drought-tolerance landscape is the plants. For the walkway, combining two or three kinds, or more, of gravels would be splendid ideas if you plan for having a drought-tolerant gravel landscape. Gravel and cobble, plus boulder, will be a distinguished path to spoil every eye that sees your drought-tolerance landscape. Set the boulder as the walkway border. While gravel and flat cobble, with different sizes, are the stylish path that starkly eases you to have a neat and wide nature path to walk by.

Gravel is an epic, isn’t it? It is appealing material and understated for landscaping. So set the plan for your gravel landscape design, and choose what gravel that most fit, or just have fun with it and see how it will look like.

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