13 Rustic Western Decor Ideas To Create Cozy Warm Interior Feeling

Amid the nowadays glory vibes of minimalist, modern, and industrial designs, rustic décor remain exhibits its mark. Though rustic sometimes being pointed to a cabin or cottage or farmhouse, it doesn’t always those. Rustic western decor means to bring in a natural element to our home. Yes, mostly wood and stone, the real one. Well, you can use the faux one, but it should be minor.

It is about using organic material. It is about sounding the natural nuance in our home style. The intensity of the earthy atmosphere as a rustic characteristic is everlasting seduction for many who seek to blend their home-based into nature and the old-school style fans. It is about to bring in an earthy vibe, warm nuance, vintage styles.

List of 13 Rustic Western Decor Ideas To Create Cozy Warm Interior Feeling

Commonly, the rustic western decor is brought in various ways such as exposing the house wood-structures, stone or brick, modified ceiling wood beams, windows and door panels, and much more. But if you just bought a house which not rustic while you dream about a rustic home, you can remain to arrange the furniture or the wall even the floor using the wood panel. Yes, there is no need to knock off any wall or ceiling. Paints the wood panel windows and doors into more natural or transparent brown is another way of being rustic.

Rustic style is also flexibly applied in any room of your house. You’ll be surprised at how accommodating rustic western can be, in some respects. Nature has abundant styles, wood textures, and dimensions you can choose to enhance the style and nuance of your house. Another more affordable way is to find some weather-beaten wood plank or go recycle some pallets or wood crates, paint them in dark-brown or grey, then you can have a slight rustic furniture as toning.

Of course, it is not always about dark brown color. Western rustic décor also exposes light grey, from the stone for example, or the natural light brown-wood color, or just exposed its own color. Harmonizing it with brighter and lovely decoration or furniture such as house plant, white, cream, and silver colors for furniture or tools, or decoration would be introducing bright and soften the style. Cream, light-brown, grey, or even white tile is a match for wood-based walls.

Let’s take a look at this natural charm in western decor.

1. Spacious High Ceiling Rustic Western Decor

spacious high ceiling rustic western decor

As a gathering spot for families to share stories or welcoming guest, living room designed in rustic décor will grip anyone inside with warm feeling. If your living room is a spacious one, combining vaulted ceiling and wood beam will be a bold statement for your rustic preference while increase the room expansiveness. For stating the elegance touch, rustic furniture will be nicely complemented with leather sofas, set them up surrounding the fireplace. In western décor, fireplace mostly built up with brick or exposed stone. Two tone color can be a nice choice to minimize the noise stimulus. With wide windows to let the sun beam permeate and fireplace and some flower bucket or indoor plant(s), your rustic living room definitely glorious and lively.

2. Luxury Bathroom Rustic Western Decor Set With Rustic Bathtub Style

luxury bathroom rustic western decor set with rustic bathtub style

Bathroom in rustic? Why not? Though it has certain limitations you remain able to dress up your bathroom in rustic. Covering some side of the wall with wood panel is one of options you can take. What about wooden door? Does it pop up in your mind? If your bathroom is small, wooden sliding will be eloquent alternative comply with wood décor like hanger or candle you got chick bathroom set rustic. For extravagant bathroom with bathup, combine the rustic style with cream granite floor and some wall sides. Light on some aromatic candle and wine beside the bathup, then enjoy all the luxury and comforting bathroom.

3. Entry Table With Rustic Western Decor Style

entry table with rustic western decor style

The hallo effects usually cling longer. So be bold in showing that you in rustic craze. Start installing wide-wood paneling on wall or flooring in entryway. Placing dark brown colors console table in entryways can be a nifty way to create a vintage homey impression too. Not only fill the space, entry table can provide extra storages for small stuff such keys or clips, candles. To prevent the gloomy or too dark nuance, setting up the decorative lamp or a vintage standing lamp will be a nice touch. Put something bright silver wall decoration to add contrast or bucket of flower to brighter the rustic table.

4. Large Entryway Rustic Western Decor With Vintage Chandelier

large entryway rustic western decor with vintage chandelier

If your entryway is wide enough, why not turn your entryway rustic home to level up your home value and imagination? Exposed wood beam with high vaulted ceiling is perfectly harmonized with intact wood as a gate-like entry into the main house. It will drag anyone who enter your home into a different dimension. With a vintage iron hanging lamp, animal-faux carpet and raw entry table, and a dark-wood frame mirror above it, it would feel like entering a story tale. It is about maximizing the space.

5. Fireplace With Rustic Western Decor

fireplace with rustic western decor

Fireplace is always the perfect area to show off whether you are a truly rustic lover. The exposed stone for the fireplace, or brick, is one of western rustic elements you must go for. Exposed stone is not only about safety issue but unquestionably enrich the space texture. With surrounded by wood-based wall, its grey natural color and asymmetric contour its nicely balancing the dark nuance of wall. Place a single leather sofa with a semi-curve standing reading lamp near it, you got cozy spot to enjoy reading or curling.

6. Furniture Decor Rustic Style Custom Cabinets Wooden Flooring Carpet Moder Home Offices Western

furniture decor rustic style custom cabinets wooden flooring carpet moder home offices western

Having rustic furnitures for a home office is not something tricky to do. Start with wooden table as your main work place, with wooden cabinet to place document, photo or any stuff that you may need. Leather office chair with different tone and stainless or iron lamp table can add modern before the rustic home office you desired. In case you want go further to coupling rustic and modern décor for your home office, an abstract pattern rug will be cozy to.

7. Vintage Ceiling Hallway Rustic Western Decor

vintage ceiling hallway rustic western decor

Having wood for vauted ceiling and vertical wood floring is a nice combi to space out the hallway. A length wood, instead of shorts panel one, with a different direction between the ceiling and flooring, will 'stretch' the hallway and provide airy look. With a transparent bright benc and windows panel, your rustic hallway seem like isn't it?

8. Living Room Fireplace With Rustic Western Decor

living room fireplace with rustic western decor

A rustic living room with fireplace and soft sofas will absolutely a haven to laid your back, and warming up your home during winter. With a wide window, the sunlight easily bounces the the nature magic all nature material within the living room. A bright wood panel for flooring will broaden your living room and look more soft and elegant.

9. Luxury Living Room Rustic Western Decor With Large Top To Floor Window

luxury living room rustic western decor with large top to floor window

Have you ever imagining hang a wood art as the centerpiece of your livingroom? With leathery sofas, bright wood flooring and beautiful wood art hanging on or attach above the fireplace sometimes is all you need to create luxury rustic living room.

10. Rustic Western Bathroom Decor Ideas

rustic western bathroom decor ideas

A marble surface on a bathroom sink with wood shelves beneath is an elegant touch in styling rustic bathroom. Marble or granite tile is so rich in texture, yet has exclusiveness magic to other surround it. Marble also brighten the room, with mirror above it, your rustic bathroom will look wider and clean. You can choose two tone color as décor ideas. White or cream from the sink surface and bathup, and brown for wood floor panel and door. The other minor color can come from the clutter or bath supplies. To make it tidy, why not installing a hidden shelve behind the mirror.

11. Rustic Log Cabin With Stone Fireplace In Rustic Western Decor

rustic log cabin with stone fireplace in rustic western decor

Log cabin home is certainly about wood. Right from the top of the ceiling, down to wall and floor. To make the rustic log cabin look more broaden you can use different wide of the wood. The would make your space more spacious by choosing the wider wood panel than the for the ceiling. if you want to adding the industrial touch, set stainless or iron material for decoration or furniture such lamp, table, or frame. See, rustic log cabin doesn’t mean you have to monotone.

12. Glamorous And Classic Rustic Western Decor

glamorous and classic rustic western decor

Want to try the rustic décor but don’t want to be overwhelm? Well, you start with minor one. Start to install wood panel on your floor and see how it transform your room landscape. Changes two or three non-wood furniture to wood-material such chair, book shelve or table, is another minor way to create some small rustic décor. Why don’t you hanging a vintage wood-framed mirror or painting as decoration to make the room look cozy? No?

13. Cozy Western Living Room Decors Home Design Lover Rooms Decor Style Interior Rustic

cozy western living room decors home design lover rooms decor style interior rustic

As a place for gathering, placing a big wood-based wardrobe for your television and storage your stuff in a living room is simple way to point the main attention. Choose vintage sofa covers as rustic boost up. If your sofa more than one, it would be fun to have different pattern but similar tone. Add bright rug under the table and you have charming place for gathering.

Leveling up home value doesn’t mean one should take a more contemporary or modern style. Rustic western décor flexibly combined with another décor such as industrial. Its heavy with natural material will drag anyone to feel nostalgic, homey, and warm nuance. Recycling an old wood, weathered one, or repaint wood-crate not only will enhance the rustic scene but it may add the uniqueness of your rustic home without losing much of your pocket.

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