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Tiny House Bathroom

A bathroom for tiny house needs detail and special design in order to include a toilet, shower, sink, and maybe bathtub in a limited space. Considering the size and style for every equipment in the bathroom. How maximize the small room size with some tricks of coloring and stuff placement will help you have a larger look of small bathroom.
Sometimes you need combining the toilet in the bathroom, it saves extra space in a tiny house, but you should organize the room with several functions in one packet, placing the bath stuff separated from the toilet stuff in one bathroom. You also need to put the toilet in right space and spot from the shower or even bathtub. Everything must be an appropriate design to optimize the small size of bathroom.

List of Tiny House Bathroom

There are several points should be concerned about you make an ideal layout of your bathroom in a tiny house. Determining the location and sizing of the room. What the bathroom concept is very defining to the pleasantness of bathroom will be. Drainage and lighting system is the most important point you should deal with; it helps you keep the cleanness, throw away bad smell and avoiding the damp of the room. You can make the small bathroom looks spacious with special layout.

1. Modern Tiny House Bathroom

Modern Tiny House Bathroom


Installing the modern facilities of bathroom in a small space is easier. Choose every good in small size and maybe in slim shape. Metal color shows the modern concept, then you may combine it with light color or white for the facilities inside. the white toilet, white washing machine, and white hang rack neatly arranged in a narrow space.

2. Rustic Tiny House Bathroom

Rustic Tiny House Bathroom


The rustic tiny house bathroom is a nice model for a small bathroom. the wooden base concept for wall and simple rack perfectly gives you a sweet rustic look. You store the bathing stuff on the rack also the stone sink above the rack. A quite big mirror on the wall in front you are standing while you wash your face on the sink. You can install the toilet beside the wood rack then your small rustic bathroom seems larger and neat.

3. Luxury Tiny House Bathroom

Luxury Tiny House Bathroom


Make a luxury bathroom in your tiny house is a best idea. There are many ideas to achieve your desired bathroom in a luxury style. Combining the wooden material as base remodeling with the white decoration is a perfect match. Wood ceiling and floor in line with the wood door put the homey classy look. While the white wall paint gives a spacious look in a small bathroom. The highlight model of white bathtub under décor lamp in white shows you an impression image. The bathroom has enough glass window to give more lighting to the bathroom. Another leisure good add the lux impression of the bathroom.

4. Diy Tiny House Bathroom

Diy Tiny House Bathroom


4.Actually the nice bathroom design in your tiny house can be installed by yourself. Wood material will impress you in the finish. Combine it with the glass wall in a half part, and the glass window in other side. You need hang the tissue roll on the wall near the composing toilet. You also need to add some pots of house plant around the toilet, it will refresh you while in the bathroom.

5. Simple Tiny House Bathroom

Simple Tiny House Bathroom


you just need some kinds of things in a simple bathroom. put the most important one and the often you need while take the bathroom activity. The toilet is the most functional thing in the bathroom. then the shower complete with the towel hanger. The rack to store your bath stuff also a significant, you may put a small sink on it, and hang the mirror on the wall over the rack.

6. Loft Tiny House Bathroom

Loft Tiny House Bathroom


If you have no space for bathroom in your tiny house, loft bathroom is a smart solution. A white classy bathroom with newest remodeling style is a best choice. The white tile wall combines white ceiling with small white lamp on it make your loft tiny house bathroom looks larger. You can apply a visible shower room covered by glass around the room is another best idea to save the space, then you can place the washing machine besides the glass bathroom, and toilet is in other side. Everything is in tidy organizing in a small loft tiny house bathroom.

7. White Tiny House Bathroom

White Tiny House Bathroom


One of the trick to make your small space bathroom is the white color. The white tile wall makes it bright and large. It also helps the room looks clean. The white and black combination for the ceramic floor lessen the dazzling effect of the room. More than one white hang lamps besides for lighting also helps the room drier.

8. Composting Toilet Tiny House Bathroom

Composting Toilet Tiny House Bathroom


3.Composting toilet is the dry toilet system which treat the faces by a biological process. It doesn’t need a septic tank anymore. It is simpler design and save the space suitable installed to a small bathroom in a tiny house. A custom wood composting toilet combining with a wood wall of semi- permanent room design is a perfect natural look. The glass wall for another part makes your bathroom perfectly dry all the day and make the room bright. The black tile is the best choice for the floor. It is anti- slippery.

9. Washer Dryer Tiny House Bathroom

Washer Dryer Tiny House Bathroom


Actually you can do more activity in your tiny house bathroom, even put the washer dryer. therefore, you can do your washing activity in the small bathroom. You still have space under the table besides the sink. You just need keep the drainage and cleanliness in your small bathroom. Keep the sufficient lighting and fresh air.

10. Beautiful Tiny House Bathroom

Beautiful Tiny House Bathroom


1.A spacious white bathroom with single big table which a nice sink sits on it. Under the sink there is a cabinet to store your bath stuff. In another half of under cabinet table is to place a mini washing machine. There is quite longer space on the cabinet besides the sink, therefore you can put a decor as a vase of flower. Put the square mirror on the wall in front of the sink, and hang the towel on the wall besides the sink. To make the room bright, open the window next to the mirror. Your small bathroom is nice.

11. Laundry Tiny House Bathroom

Laundry Tiny House Bathroom


6.You may have a laundry at your small bathroom of tiny house. The white small bathroom is one of trick to make your space larger, therefore you can maximize the room. The glass window helps the room getting more light and give you the outside view which refresh your mind. everything looks clean and classy in white; toilet, the table with sink on top side, there is a small cabinet in a little space of under the table even the washing machine besides the cabinet make the nice combination with the base color of the room; wall, ceiling, even the décor lamps hang on the ceiling over the cabinet. The only has the contrast is the wooden floor. You perfectly have an impression small bathroom in your tiny house.

12. Compact Tiny House Bathroom

Compact Tiny House Bathroom


2.The compact tiny house bathroom is an extra small space of bathroom, even you should apply a wood cabinet to store the cloth in one side and portable toilet in another side. Put the shower on the wall in front of the cabinet. It is a nonstandard bathroom design from the sizing aspect,.

13. Large Tiny House Bathroom

Large Tiny House Bathroom


5.A large bathroom in a tiny house can applicable in a corner of your house. The wood door reflects a rustic design combines with the wooden floor is anti-anti-slippery concept. The wood theme as base color of the bathroom looks classy mixing to the white closed and white tub. White ceiling and white partial wall completes the spacious bathroom in a tiny house.

14. Tile Tiny House Bathroom

Tile Tiny House Bathroom


White tile is a classic concept of a building, including the bathroom. it looks nice and neat. The white tile wall combine with rustic high black table and old model of mirror is a complete classy classic look. You also have best combination of batik ceramic floor and tile motive floor. Balloon model of hanging lamp is your perfect choice in the classic bathroom

15. Metal Tiny House Bathroom

Metal Tiny House Bathroom


Metal tiny house bathroom in a corner of your house is a standing shower bathroom. it is really save your space. The metal wall in a half of semicircle room, which the rest is covered by curtain. You cannot put many stuff in the super small bathroom, there is just hung a shower and a small place for soap on the metal wall.

16. Minimalist Tiny House Bathroom

Minimalist Tiny House Bathroom


We can say that white is a large look. For a very small space, the white base color of the room brings spacious image, you may add a window to let the light come to the room and help it keeps on dry. The white toilet under window is the best position. You still install the shower on the wall sear the toilet.

17. Sink Tiny House Bathroom

Sink Tiny House Bathroom


Sink has important role in a bathroom decoration. Sink is one of bathroom facility most often used, it brings special impression; therefore, the best stile of sink can be combined with the whole bathroom concept. A yellow sink on the wooden pedestal sink has the same color with the wall. There are many style and model of sinks with various colors.

18. School Bus Tiny House Bathroom

School Bus Tiny House Bathroom


Providing a bathroom in school bus is a must. It is an important facility for a travel. You should make more detail concept to make a children facility including bathroom in a bus school. It must be safe and pleasant. Composting toilet is the best choice. It doesn’t need a septic-tank and the toilet is easy to use, even for children. Make one step ladder to ease every child use it.

A small space is not a reason to develop your idea to make your desired lovable bathroom. You need some tricky to make the tiny spot looks spacious. That is about color, and white the best combination. You also need to select the facilities put in the bathroom, the stile and the size is the points you should notice. Give more attention for the drainage system and lighting, also the cleanliness also has the important role. The space is not a big deal to make an impression bathroom.

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