13 Vintage Pedestal Sink Ideas Brilliant Solution For A Small Space

Pedestial sink makes your bathroom has more space and look bigger replacing the vanity cabinet which wasting place. Installing the pedestial sink means you make your bathroom drier because the water automatically run down into basin and go through drain pipe without making the floor get wet. It also keep the bathroom sanity and lessing bad smell usually come from the damp room. The washing basin is the main factor of the style including the height of the sink. The larger with no spout in center of the sink is more desired, it is suitable to wash the hair.
Vintage pedestial sink in your bathroom is in various styles, colors and sizes. Make the perfect combination to make it useful and interesting. Notice the standart sanitary to keep your bathroom fresh and healthy.

List of 13 Vintage Pedestal Sink Ideas Brilliant Solution For A Small Space

Pedestal sink can also apply for decoration of your bathroom, it can freshen up the bathroom and the elegant style makes it comfortable and also give excellent look. Fit your pedestal sink remodel with the bathroom design, choose the model and pedestal material which easy to clean. You can put the cabinet on wall over the sink to put your bathing stuff and to keep the towel to dry up you after you do bathroom activities.

1. Bathroom With White Vintage Pedestal Sink

bathroom with white vintage pedestal sink

The white vintage looks classic and classy standing up besides toilet in some color. Bathroom with white vintage pedestal is a recommended style. They look fit each other and worthy to ease everyone moves from toilet to wash hands after taking dump on toilet. The pedestal sink made from porcelain to make it glam with unique shape of water tap and durable. Because of the water drainage system, you don’t need to feel afraid of installing ceramic as the bathroom floor. No slippery and easy to clean up.

2. Corner Vintage Pedestal Sink

corner vintage pedestal sink

The corner vintage pedestal sink is one of the common favorite remodel. You can use a small space in corner of bathroom by installing the pedestal sink. You can put the short neck and put the cabinet on the wall over the sink to store your toilet and bathing stuff. Choose the large sink to give you more advantage, including to wash your hair. You can put more one water taps to help you wash hair. White paint makes your small space larger and gives you a clean and natural look.

3. Favorite Sinks Prewar Bathroom Vintage Pedestal Sink

favorite sinks prewar bathroom vintage pedestal sink

To make your bathroom attractive can be start from the vintage pedestal placement, choose the favorite sink prewar bathroom vintage pedestal sink. You may put in on the corner of bathroom which has bright colorful of ceramic tiles wall. The green tiles wall combines pink tiles in the bottom part of the wall makes pure impression while the pedestal sink is classic white. Add the tissue roll hanging on the wall over the sink in left side. Two little pink portable soap place attached on the wall over the sink under the mirror. Install the modern floor in small cubicle motive to add the up-to date and rising style. That is a unique combination to mix the vintage pedestal sink in colorful bathroom, keep the pedestal sink in neutral color, white to keep it in clean look and neutralizing the bright color in the room.

4. Green Vintage Pedestal Sink For Bathroom Decoration

green vintage pedestal sink for bathroom decoration

You can bright up your bathroom nuance in light green. It is garish in the room with the full white concept. Paint your vintage pedestal sink in some tone with the bathtub which stands next to the pedestal sink. The bathroom perfectly in large look and bright nuance in light green bathing appliances.

5. Retro Pedestal Sink Bathroom Decor

retro pedestal sink bathroom decor

Retro pedestal sink bathroom is applicable installed in the pop style of bathroom. Classic, classy and sturdy apparently in your modern bathroom appliances, then look at the impressive model. The white theme is an up to date for bathroom nuance, this color perfectly combines two concepts in one elegant look.

6. Small Bathroom Green Tile With Vintage Pedestal Sink

small bathroom green  tile with vintage pedestal sink

How to make the small bathroom look bigger and comfortable? Install the saved-space appliance and put it in right place, then make a trick for the color painted on the room. Combining the white vintage pedestal sink with green is nice and install the glass window to enlighten the room also avoiding the dump.

7. Vintage Bathroom Ideas With Pedestal Sink

vintage bathroom ideas with pedestal sink

To old style lover, the wooden accessories can’t be separated from every spot of her vintage house, including bathroom. The vintage bathroom with pedestal sink combines classily with wood mirror frame in front of it and the wooden cabinetry put in the large bathroom. Some cases there is wood chair to help the old one or the disable to take a bath on sit position. The white pedestal sink neutralizing the wooden vintage theme of bathroom. It keeps the lightening and has an eye-caching spot, it also touches the room more elegant.

8. Vintage Pedestal Sink And Grey Wall In Corner

vintage pedestal sink  and grey wall in corner

The white chic pedestal sink is one of the bathroom decoration, besides that, it has function to wash your hands, wash your face and brush the teeth in a simple way. Grey wall is the perfect match to a white trendy pedestal sink in corner of bathroom. Add oval mirror in front over the sink. Prepare towel hanger besides the sink and trash bin near the pedestal. Install the different tile pattern for special pedestal area, it is part of the decoration style of the bathroom.

9. Vintage Pedestal Sink Beside Small Chair

vintage pedestal sink  beside small chair

The big basin of your pedestal sink has more function including washing the hair. Because it usually takes a longer time, you need a small chair for the process. Put the wood vintage chair for making the nice decoration of the bathroom. The chair makes the contrast from the white as the main color of the room. A big white basket dump besides the pedestal sink shows how glam the bathroom is and every stuff there explains the classy style. That is perfect in white tile wall and ceramic floor in some tone. Everyone must be impressed entering the bathroom and use the pedestal sink.

10. Vintage Pedestal Sink And Square Mirror

vintage pedestal sink and square mirror

The white vintage pedestal sink will more elegant with parts of the stuff complete it. Gold theme of two water taps gives a glam appearing. Choose the custom pedestial sink in unique crafted including in their feet, it shows you has high taste or decoration art. Add brown vintage baskets under the sink table to keep your stuff. You also better add a little flower vase on a sink corner and don’t forget to hang a big square mirror which will perfect in white, the some tone with your pedestal sink color and the main wall paint of the bathroom.

11. Vintage Pedestal Sink Combined With Mirror And Small Chair

vintage pedestal sink combined with mirror and small chair

A super lux vintage pedestal sink combined small mirrors around the bathroom and small chic white chair is real. The short feet of pedestal sink are suitable in a large bathroom. The porcelain racks are the part of room décor, you will be amazed entering the bathroom in two main colors; white and maroon, really a perfect match. Everything there has high value, including the mirrors which will catch you in every spot of the bathroom.

12. White Bathroom Ideas With Vintage Pedestal Sink

white bathroom ideas with vintage pedestal sink

Neutral color is flexible mixed to another colors, white is one of the base, pure and neutral color. The white bathroom theme gives clean and large image, it also enlightens the room and lessen the damp effect. The white vintage pedestal sink is the perfect look to make your bathroom completely in white, even you able to put another white decoration around the pedestal sink. A white hang rack to arrange your stuff and the towel hanger hanging on behind, a white square mirror frame looks nice in front of the sink and two décor lamps between the mirror. Definitely you have a glam bathroom completed the vintage pedestal sink.

13. White Vintage Pedestal Sink And White Wall

white vintage pedestal sink and white wall

The white pedestal sink is ever best to be your choice. It completes your bathroom nicely with your unique shape. Conforming your pedestal sink size with the bathroom large. a white pedestal sink stands tightly on the white wall is very adorable for sight, it will give you more a vintage nuance to install the wooden floor in your bathroom. Put the brown classic trash bin near the pedestal sink and a brown doormat under the pedestal sink.

Nowdays, people complete the bathroom with a vintage pedestal sink. For a small bathroom this furniture saves the space because of the shape. It just need a standing foot to prop up the sink, place it near the bathtub, while your bathing stuff put on the hanging rack which doesn’t need more space. It is suitable combined to every bathroom style. The vintage one or the modern remodel.
Vintage pedestal sink is a kind of the bathroom décor besides the its main function to washing hands, washing face, even washing your hair for large basin of sinks which has drainage system keeps your bathroom floor dry. The stand pedestal sink saves the space of bathroom, therefore suitable to put it both in large and in small bathroom. you can add another decoration around the pedestal sink, such as hanging mirror, small rack, towel hanger and dustbin. install the decoration lamp around the pedestal sink to make the bathroom brighter. You can mix and match the style, size and color of those stuff to make a perfect look.

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